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I am grateful to Grinex team for helping me and my business successfully solve all the tax complications that companies have to face today.

Josef Kmoch

Founder and Director, K-Servis Praha, a.s.

We are completely satisfied with the services provided by Grinex. Their audit does not put any burden on the company and it brings more than just statutory audit of financial statements. Grinex was a valuable partner during our expansion to Slovakia. Due to excellent mutual cooperation and above-standard services, our cooperation has lasted for seven years.

Ing. Jakub Veselý, MBA

Director, EGLO CZ+SK, s.r.o.

K-Servis Praha, a.s.

We handle the tax and accounting consultancy for the client. We also provide advisory on company acquisitions and restructuring, as well as advisory on obtaining financing.

EGLO CZ+SK, s.r.o.

We have audited the annual financial statements for the client since 2010. We do our audits in a way that minimizes the impact on operations of the client’s business.

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